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Sue Bailey is a SCAB!!!

579 weeks ago

Fuck Sue Bailey for mocking us hard working writers of the WGA. If she only knew how hard it was to make our $30,000 monthly nut she'd understand why we're out picketing in our $400 jeans. So what if I didn't sav a dime. Doesn't she know how things are supposed to work? I'm supposed to get a lot of money for writing shitty sit coms and everyone is supposed to love me.


By the way if anyone wants to buy a slightly used iron and three spoons, they're yours for five dollars if you're willing to drive to the Pallisades.

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  posted by [Anonymous]

579 weeks ago
voilen music please poor guys try middle class folks who earn about 2500 a month u guys r the center of the earth not!I understand ur stance but dont act like ur in the poor house when others get screwed by a corp.that totally will just fire u.u guys will work again with ahigh wage but what about the mid class?or poor u i forgot who cares!

  posted by [Anonymous]

579 weeks ago
I agree with Sue. I am a highly trained writer with years of experience writing hilarious jokes. It's not my fault you didn't get a great job like I did. Maybe you should have gone to Yale with me. Didn't think about that, did you? Honestly, I don't know why anyone wants to be middle class. It's so boring.

Well, next time you'll think to ask your parents to get you a meeting with their friend the agent. Duh. Get your shit together.

Your So Fortunate
  posted by [Anonymous]

562 weeks ago
I work many long hours fixing all types of equipment, and yes I am very well trained and have many years of experience. Maybe someday you folks can be phased out or your income can match mine...come do some real work for a change pencile pusher, best get your Hep shots 1st...sometimes you get dirty working on sewage machinery.


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