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Leah Bolden You are a #1 A#@HOLE and need help badly.

580 weeks ago

Leah Bolden is a liar and a thief. She lives in a dirty, smelly rat hole in Cleveland Heights, Ohio with her neurotic dog. She preys on unsuspecting, vulnerable girls on the internet. She establishes trust and pays thier way to her house to visit. She coerces sex this way.
Her lover fled with her little boy because Leah was using her passive aggressive traits to turn him against his own mother. Thank God she him got out.
Leah, GET HELP!! You are a broken down wreck and NOONE wants you. Even your friends don't like you. You have to pay for sex and even for companionship. You are broke down in the ass. And very ugly to boot!!
And for gods something with that hair!

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  posted by [Anonymous]

575 weeks ago
Credibility: zero.
Nobody "coerces sex" by establishing trust and paying for someone's housing, food, and expenses. Only two types of people exchange sex for monetary goods: sexworkers and desparate people with no self-esteem and poor boundaries. Most sex workers have pride in their work. Recommendation: get an education, some therapy, a life, some parenting education and some self-respect.

This Translates Into...
  posted by [Anonymous]

574 weeks ago
She attracts stupid, naive women who use her for everything she has to offer. Eventually, the "poor" ditz (your words translated) who lived in the “dirty, smelly rat hole with Leah, whoever she may be (that must be the woman who cannot keep house), decides she can find someone new and improved to take advantage of and runs off. Are you the poor chump who fell for it?

Unless something is terribly awry a co-parent cannot turn a child against a STRONG LOVING mother. Let’s analyze parenting skills, relationships, and the REAL meaning of passive aggressiveness

So Leah is dating? She isn’t allowed to have sex? Are you unable to get any, is that the problem?

Oh by the way, spell check is a very good tool.

  posted by [Anonymous]

570 weeks ago
As one of Leah's oldest friends, the only thing she's guilty of is being too generous and a poor judge of character at times. This little boy will unfortunatly be the one who is hurt by his mother's emotional problems, not from Leah's love and kindness. I hope he has someone besides his disturbed mother looking out for him.

  posted by [Anonymous]

527 weeks ago
I was very surprised and a bit shocked to come across this, seeing the post date of 52 weeks ago, I was seeing Leah 60 weeks ago, which means she was seeing this person at the same time or very shortly before or after me. I did not consider myself as unsuspecting or vulnerable but I did meet her on the internet. We met on a dating site, we exchanged wonderful emails which lead to even more wonderful phone conversations which then lead to me flying out to meet her, I paid my own way out there. Leah has a very nice home, and her dog is not neurotic, spoiled maybe, loved deeply yes, but whose dog is not. I was there for 6 days, for the most part it was an amazing time, she never coerced sex from me, I am a grown woman and she was very respectful. Sure there were some awkward times, moments that had me confused. I felt like I had done something wrong without even knowing what I had done, which could have been the fault of both of us. In my mind I thought maybe, because of past relationships, she thought that disagreements and arguments were a healthy relationship. I could deal with that, I thought I could show her you could have a healthy relationship and wonderful make up sex with out the fights. I could not understand why she would push me away and then bring me back. This past year there has not been a day where I have not thought about Leah and how quickly I fell for her. I did have someone tell me that maybe she was pushing me away because all she wanted me out there for was sex. I could not believe that, she took me out, we did things with her friends, who by the way all love and adore her. I have not dated anyone, or anything with anyone since her. I compare everyone to her, which I should not do I know this, but I do miss her, her mind, her eyes, her smile, her kisses the way she held my hand, her head in my lap and running my fingers through her hair, she has great hair. I know her love for her son was real, I was with her while she was fighting to see him, I saw the pain in her face when she got the letter. Was I just a past time for her, maybe but it doesnt change how I felt about her, how I feel about her. I thought seeing this gave me some closure, maybe it wasnt all my fault, I dont know.. It may sound pathetic to those reading this, it may sound like I am unsuspecting or vulnerable, nave, gullible or whatever label you want to give me. All I know is I met, started to fall in love with an amazing person that I miss very much. I know I will never hear from her again, and I did not write this for a chance at hearing from her. I wrote this because I do not believe Leah is the person that they are describing and just wanted it to be known. This was not nice, it was mean spirited, hateful and cowardly. Moving on, finally!!

why do you hide behind anonymous
  posted by pauliepaulette

518 weeks ago
It is a shame that anyone can write what ever they want about you regardless what the truth is. Leah Bolden is a good family woman, supportive, loving, honest, and strong. What goes on in Leah's life is no ones business. As Leah's friend of many years I can say Leah has a lovely home, a strong spirited dog, and I know she cares very deeply for her son. I am not quite certain what broken down in the ass means, yet the Leah Bolden I know is a dedicated hard worker. I have always found Leah to be handsome and her hair is a very nice. People who have to get on line and write lies about another person are truly ill , I pray that you find some help. Watch as I sign my name to my words.


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