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my cheating ex boyfriend exposed

581 weeks ago

my ex cheated on me so this is revenge, when we were going out i got him to go on his webcam and get naked for me, what he doesnt know is that i recorded it and put it on youtube lol, message him and tell him how little his dick is lol , his sn on yahoo is modawg20 and please repost this EVERYWHERE

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  posted by [Anonymous]

581 weeks ago
im not going to watch ur video, but if he does have a little dick. u didnt mind for the time u were dating.

Video taken off?
  posted by [Anonymous]

580 weeks ago
i was just going to commment your video and you took it off. i'm sorry you got cheated on, i know how you feel when you get screwed over.

  posted by luv2parteeeeeee

580 weeks ago
heres the link to the video the other link isnt working

Still removed...
  posted by [Anonymous]

569 weeks ago

Maybe it got removed because they couldnt see his tiny dick and thought it was false advertising...Did it look like this, or was it smaller?

stop lying bitch!
  posted by [Anonymous]

521 weeks ago
Did you know that that same room has been used many times for some perverted piece of shit's web cam vid's? they like to get girls drunk then have sex with them then post it on the internet and several of them are obviously
underage. How about telling me his real name and where he lives so i can pay his little maggot ass a visit. And dont say new york or new jersey because it's here in CALIFORNIA ......


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