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586 weeks ago

Well I am not sure who is all going to get to read this. But here goes. This lady I know her husband has been sleeping with a whore. He has been lying to everyone about what has been going on. The funny thing is. That everyone know. Even his wife and her husband. Yes she is married to. Her husband is in Iraq right now. And she is sleeping with someone else.My friend the wife of the man that is cheating is sick right now to. She has cancer. But does he even care that she is having problems. nope not at all. The day that she found out everything from the doctors and she tole him what they said he spent the night with her. But the the whore told him that she wa making it all up and he spent the next night with her. He has been caught with her so many times it isn't funny. She will tell everyone about her being with him but he says that he is just friends with her. Sure do you beleive that. I sure don't. She wrote him a letter talking about leaving her husband and him leaving his wife and his wife got the letter. the funny thing is that he tells his wife all the time how much he loves her and he made love to her last night, The whore called his wife to ask what time he left her house. Can you beleive that. What a bitch. Then he told the whore that he wassn't at her house and is now pissed at his wife for saying anything. because it caused problems for him and his whore. she said that she was going to break it off with him but they are together right now. Just thought that I would let everyone know that if you move to fort hood then you are going to have to deal with the same thing. There are so many whores here it isn't funny. Here is the whores myspace profile
Everyone go say hi to her. she is a fucking bitch.

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  posted by [Anonymous]

585 weeks ago
The whore's myspace is private!

  posted by [Anonymous]

584 weeks ago

It is open to everyone now. So you can go read it now. She opened it so that she could talk more shit. Fucking whore.


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