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Women can be such whores

582 weeks ago

Some time back, I had an affair with a married friend named Samantha (I was married at the time too). It was a short affair, but very passionate. We'd had a major thing for each other way back when she was still dating her husband, but never acted on it until much later. Our bedroom and personality chemistr told us that we should have hooked up way back when and would have been perfect together in another life. We had decided to go back to a platonic relationship though since neither one of us wanted to see her family torn apart.
Fast forward a couple of years. Her marriage ends and she calls me up (my marriage had already ended). We spend a very sexual and emotional weekend together, and it finally looks like we have our chance to be together. Within days though, her and her husband reconcile. That's cool I guess. But it wasn't a real reconciliation. Since they've gotten back together, she's had at least 4 random hookups with guys she's met from and has since called me to ask me to participte in both a mmf and a mff threesome. She's told me she really enjoys sex with me, but isn't willing to give up her new liberted sexual lifestyle.
Now I know that the fact that she cheated with me speaks volumes. But nobody can really form an opiion unless they knew what was going on and the emotions involved. I guess I'm just bitching because she turned into such a slut in such a short time.

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Are you Kidding me
  posted by [Anonymous]

581 weeks ago
You and her had an affair and you are now up set because she is slut... News flas she was always a slut... You just see her for what she is... She will keep cheating... tell her husband or send him this site.... Hopefully he will take heart and get the hell out. This is just another piece of shit slut who thinks her shit dosn't stink... And You are no better... Never cheat get out and be single... Your wife or ex-wife should have been treated better No one should be cheated on. Stay single before either of you screw up more family's.

  posted by Quirkyman

581 weeks ago
Are you kidding me?
This is the perfect woman and you do not have to put up with her can sleep in your own bed...and when you desire to be with someone else????...who the hell can she complain to....Man send her my way!

skunks don't change their stripes
  posted by wisewoman

581 weeks ago

She did it with you and she'll do it to you. Find someone who deserves your love and devotion. No matter how great she seems to be, there's a guy out there who's glad she's gone.


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