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Schelprock Doesn’t Have Anything On Steve

582 weeks ago

I work with a guy named Steve – he might have the worst luck in the entire world. Since I’ve worked with him, he’s had to “work from home” because of the following reasons and I couldn’t make this up even if I wanted too:
“My front door wouldn’t close from the heat and quick cool down, the jamb has shifted”
“I’m having server issues, will be in tomorrow”
“I’m 42 and falling apart, have a dental appointment for a bad toothache”
“I have a stomach virus, not good”
“I threw out my back over the weekend and can’t drive”
“I just noticed my AC isn't working, not good”
“My truck battery died, will be in late”
This was just for the month of September. He is our office Schelprock, does anybody else work with a guy like this?

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You mean Grandpa Steve?
  posted by [Anonymous]

582 weeks ago
Is this guy 90 freakin years old? Shit, I thought the boss was old and rickety. He's a babe compared to this guy.

Way to go, Stevo!
  posted by [Anonymous]

582 weeks ago
This has to be made up. Nobody can come up with all those excuses. What does he do, lay in bed all night figuring out how to get out of work the next day. Tell me this is for real?
By the way, if anyone from Dumponyou is reading this, I love your web site. It's awesome and I'm an avid reader. I love Dumpi and I totally love Mary. Is she ever going out to Phoenix? I'll fly in just to see her.

I can reply now!
  posted by [Anonymous]

581 weeks ago
So sorry it took me some time to respond to this, I was involved in a serious "Electric Toothbrush" accident the other day and finally have mobilty back to my arms. It took them 2 hrs to get me free with the Jaws of Life!

It was touch and go there for a while, but I pulled thru. I'll be back to work 2 fridays from now, the doctor advised me to stay home until I can heal from the trauma. It's a tough job being me, fa real yo!


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