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another cheating skanky whore

582 weeks ago

Hey Susan you whore! Why is it you and your sister Patti have to screw with everyone else's husbands? We all know you can't keep your own. Next time you F*ck your brains out with someone who isnt' your husband, you better watch your back bitch.

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Another stupid wife
  posted by [Anonymous]

582 weeks ago
Hey Bitches, Why is it that your husbands can't keep their dicks in their pants or in their wives where they belong?

  posted by DelaneyxDanger

582 weeks ago

All I can say is YIKES!

Just like Nicole Haughton
  posted by [Anonymous]

582 weeks ago
This women sounds the same.... They think they have something specail NO you have nothing because they will always run back to the wife. The wife has one thing this bitch will never have.... They are F **king Faithful. No man wants to live full time with a whore or know that everyone has taken a turn with their wife..... Men will be men and when a slut bears all and puts it out right in from of a man they might fall. But if they are married you don't f**king offer to sleep with them. They have wifes, kids a family and you are nothing but a homewreaker for what 5 to 10 minutes of your fantasy.... bitches like you need to be shot and put on an island where no one ever has to worry but the fish.....


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