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Are you still stupid

586 weeks ago

Have you figured out who the whore is..... Your wife of 12 years..... why did you have to re new your wedding vows????? She cheats all the time... We have tons of emails where she is telling John I love you we are such and educated couple... Nicole you and John are not a couple you are both married to other people. You are a physco that needs a padded room. Jason or "Jay" if you ever get brave enough to write and get all the emails they will be an eye opener. Remember Christams of 2003 John was in Salt lake City Utah from Nov 30 until the middel of December didn't your wife just have to go and spend a week without you.... in the arms of prince charming....I could go on and on about the shit in the emails but I would rather let you read them yourslef they are so much fun.... By the way has Nicole removed the shit stains from her front teeth??? You so called whore of a wife is just nasty. I love this site freedom of speech... Did the cooks ever admit their help in the little get togethers???? We have proof of that also. You sure picked a looser and slut for a wife now your friends are just as bad. Hope you are finally getting action with your wife now that the phone calls from Colorado from 8/2006 until 5/2007 and Nebraska from 6/2007-7/2007 have stopped do you know who it was.... Yes JOHN E HOFFMAN remember him he remembers you..... but they way ask your wife how john's wife taste..... She much be part lesbo since she is pinning away for 5 years... who does she really want john or his wife... enjoy your skank of a wife everyone else has.

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I will keep Posting
  posted by [Anonymous]

586 weeks ago
Jason just wanted to let you know that I will be posting all the emails for the world to see not just your wife but another best buddy of johns will also be out there you can see just how he tells them the same things and your wife was stupid to believe them. So far these email have gone around and around friends,family and neighbors. Don't you want to read them.... or maybe your wife is just a great lay...right... nothing is worth this... so where is the lesbo..... doing nothing or taking meds she dosn't need and washing it down with a beer..... like normal..... How would this story look for front page news in cheyenne..... intresting....

  posted by [Anonymous]

586 weeks ago
Is this a wake up call or what.... If I were you I would get a few test run quickly man.... Sounds like this person knows something pretty serious... I would love to see the emails. Tell me where and when you post them. I have time to kill and they sound like fun things to read while drunk....

wake up JAY
  posted by [Anonymous]

585 weeks ago
Hello, Have you figured anything out??? Are you still with this skank. Hope she finally tells you the truth


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