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587 weeks ago

Brandon isnt into you ! He f#@ks you when his girlfriend is out of town. Do you think that he would want you when you have two kids by two different men ! PLEASE !!! Now that Audrey has moved to Arizona you are hearing less and less from him !!! Maybe the hour f#@k session after the casino wasnt all that ! I thought maybe you had something over him when he jumped in the pool with you but I guess not ! He is a user and that is what he has done used you ! I Know you think he is all that but honey just know deep down inside he doesnt love you or Audrey it's me he has the hots for.

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  posted by [Anonymous]

585 weeks ago
If you know he's a notorious user, why on earth would you want to date him?? He sounds like an awful person and you deserve a good, honest person. Sounds to me like you're no better than him if you'll accept him even when he's done nothing but cause trouble for countless women. If your that stupid, you two deserve eachother.


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