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587 weeks ago

There are a few things that this dumb ass has learned in life. First, if you're going to cheat, do it with someone that's better than what you have, or don't do it at all. Second, make sure the other person has more to lose than you do. Third, don't screw around in your own back yard and fourth, never make a threat that you can't live up to.

Now, those of you that are up to date on the Alvarez/Duran postings know that all four of these were broken by the people involved. I can't really say to much about who in that office or neighborhood was doing who, but I have it confirmed by several people that there certainly was some hanky panky going on.

I was asked, or told, by Attorney Laura to take the Duran post down, which I refused to do as nobody threatens us or tells us what to do. However, one of the involved people advised me that the post has been spread all over the neighborhood and has effected some children negatively, as one of their parents was involved and it's getting around the school. I can't see kids being harmed because of stupid parents, so I have decided to remove the Duran post. You can all thank the person that wrote the original Alvarez post. He seems to be very astute and a gentleman, and he convinced me that the children were being harassed and he felt the Duran post should be removed.

I do want to make something perfectly clear. This Attorney Laura (I'll keep her last name out of it for now) does not threaten me in the least bit and I seriously wish she had made good on her dumb ass threats about suing us. She doesn't have a leg to stand on and she knows it. This is the typical ignorant attorney that thinks she can threaten and scare people into doing what she wants. Well, she walked into Dumpi's barnyard and stepped in some real shit this time.

I'll tell you what, I'm inviting her to sue us and if she does sue, I'll break her, her law firm and Alvarez all together. And, my little lady attorney, that's not a threat, that's a promise.

So, to everyone in Alvarez and Duran land, go back to whatever it is that you were doing and God bless all of you. Based on the emails I've received, you all need someone to bless you.

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If the parents didn't want their children shamed
  posted by [Anonymous]

586 weeks ago
Then they shouldn't have been involved in hanky-panky, now SHOULD they?

So, instead - protect the kids. Yes, by ALL means they should be kept from the truth about their horrid parents. They should grow up and emulate their exact behavior because all of us tolerate that kind of behavior, right?

You don't do the kids any favors by shielding them from the honest truth.


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