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My "best friend" lied to me

575 weeks ago

I met this gurl in 5th grade and all of my elementry school years she hung out with a group of people that like lived to make fun of me and get imbarrising personal info from me and then tell the whole school and then after school she was all nice n shit.well ive been fighting with her for 9 months now and ive hung out with her 3 times and each time she acts all nice and then starts bitchen.She was telling me/my sum wat friends lies about me/them so they get mad at me so that im lonely to get back at me for not being her best friend.Get outa my life bitch!!

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Stop crying
  posted by [Anonymous]

574 weeks ago
Why don't you just stop crying and blow the bitch off. Dumpi's right, who gives a shit.

  posted by [Anonymous]

574 weeks ago
Hey, dude, what are you fretting about. She's one ugly bitch and the next one's got to be better cause this one couldn't be worse. Move on, man, move on.


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