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Call Center Callers

584 weeks ago

You know i work for a call center, im not going to tell the name, but for those of you who have ever worked in one of have ever called one know the routine. Im just going to start by saying that being rude to someone who works at one is never a good way to get on their good side, you really honestly think we are going to go out of our way to help you if you yell at us or treat us like crap? Seriously, how can people call someone, yell at them and then expect to get everything they asked for... Sorry but it wont happen! For those of you who have nothing better to do than call into someones work just to tell them how something dosent work or how you hurt yourself using it dont you think its your own stupidity? You really think the person on the other end who is listening to you complain really, honestly cares? I just want to let all you people out there who call into places know that being rude or calling people names is not a good way to get something out of someone. Mabye before you call get your head out of your rear and think about the person on the other end of the line, we are human too. And just like anyone else, we dont like listening to people complain. its just part of life. Get over it. I would like end by saying " Thank you and have a great day"

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  posted by tweety469

584 weeks ago
oh my heavens! you are so right there is people out there that can go fuck themselves!! we are just like them we have a family to support car payments to make and for some reason they think that they are better than us. well sometimes it is satisfying when you have that one dumb redneck guy call in and you ask for their email (and yes this is a quote!) and he says what well i dont have one of them boxs!!! that makes your day!

Call Center
  posted by [Anonymous]

583 weeks ago
I also work in a call center & my all time favorite is people that say we should waive their fees because they are on a fixed income. Aren't we all on a fixed income?

Three Words
  posted by [Anonymous]

583 weeks ago

wah freakin wah

You took a job at a call center. I am sure your title is Customer Service. Manufacturer's provide this "service" to it's customers for a reason. Usually the reason is they have a problem. Do I agree that these customer's don't need to cuss or scream? Yes, I agree. However, YOU made the decision to accept the position you are in. There are hundreds of other call center jobs: collections, outbound sales, and help desk to name a few. However, I am willing to bet that you didn't want an Outbound job. You wanted Inbound and with Inbound comes aggravated customers who use you as a sounding board. So suck it up and quit your whining. If you want something where you only get to deal with pleasant people all day long, good luck. It doesn't matter where you work, there will always be someone you don't want to deal with. I am sure your coworkers are sick of listening to YOU complain and that is NOT their job.
So, get over yourself and do your job quietly or quit and find something where you never have to deal with people again.

hey jack ass
  posted by [Anonymous]

582 weeks ago
To the guy who wrote the last post, you are an idiot! I am not in a call center but these people are posting frustrations about there jobs on here to vent. It's not like they bitch and complain at work but no one likes to get yelled at and even though we know it can't be helped when you have that kind of job it's nice to have a place to just vent about it and get it off there chest so they can move on with there day, that is the whole reason for this website. So if you don't like it go somewhere else leave these people alone and let them vent about what pisses them off.


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