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The dumbest girl

584 weeks ago

This is the story of a girl named Valerie A_e_jo. She acts like she is a very smart girl that knows what she is doing. I know that she is an IDIOT. She dates the biggest fuckin losers in the world, right away puts out and gives them evertyhing she has. They drive her car, they sleep over at her Parents House when her parents are away, they have a 24hour taxi, and she will pay for everything. But ohhh, Miss Valerie thinks she values herself and is not taken for a fool, she doesnt realize the disappointment she causes her parents and her family. Especially her father who has to see his little girl be manhandled and totally taken advantage of by stupid fools who truly do not deserve her. I loved this girl at one point, I now feel sorry for her as I hear about and see that she has done nothing she had set out to do. It seems to me like she is just getting more stupid by the minute. And oh man is El Paso a small city!! Poor little Valerie (I dont know if shes still dating this guy) didnt realize that Mr. Perfect Mark is dating another girl the whole time he has dated her. Why do you think he never had any money Val! I know this because I know the girl he has being seeing. Like I said, Its a small world. I tried to warn you before by email but you blew me off, you have made so many mistakes and wronged so many people that you dont even know who is hating on you now. You have probobly turned your back and treated like shit the people who loved you most. All because you think you know what you are doing and you dont want to hear the truth. It has been fun watching you hurt yourself. See ya next time!!! Take care Valerie, you are special to me....

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My Kind of Girl...
  posted by [Anonymous]

584 weeks ago
This Valerie sounds like a clueless slut, my kind of girl!!!


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