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584 weeks ago

Michael E. MCkown started tsgirlfriend he has
a chatroom there he has RM's that will threaten
you curse you out call you names they even shoot the finger at you! they got rid of me months ago. they sit around making bad jokes
about gays and they even have a gay RM the jokes stop when she shows up they think gays
should be dead! they sit around talking about drunk/drug induced sex! they talk crap all the time. michael even has a jap RM to keep out
anyone from china and he burns on them as well! michael has his little group and in time it will be gone thats the long and short of it but if you are transgendered or are looking for a transgendered girlfriend stay away! there are no other sites! michael has problems with his thinking and so dose everone else there.

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  posted by [Anonymous]

584 weeks ago
so who gives a shit

  posted by [Anonymous]

584 weeks ago
first off, you need to learn how to speak (type), nothing above makes any sense at all...second off WHAT????


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