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dont give me this crap.....GLENDALE.......

589 weeks ago

No literally, dont give me this crap. Have you ever been in a relationship, and all it was, was a love hate thing? Well let me tell you about my story real quick. Theres this girl who everyone wants to know, only to find out they dont. A girl by the name of Larena Milligan, who stole my heart only to crush it about a million times, has got to be the sickest most disgusting creature on the face of the planet. Ill tell you why, she breaks up with her boyfriends just to cheat on them and get back together, for that part, ok i know not so bad. Well then she cheats on her boyfriends whil shes going out with them, ive had her cheat on her boyfriend just to see if i was right. Now the crap i hate the most is that she is in a wheelchair and uses that towards her advantage while she tries to date guys, take it that shes in college she knows very well what shes doing. The reason why i say that she has got to be the most disgusting human being on earth is because this one day we were rolling aroind in my car and i was about to take her home, well i stopped at home real quick before i did that to pick something up real quick. When i got back in the car i had noticed a wierd stench. I just kind of shrugged it off thinking it might be her douche bag or something. well i dropped her off, and we argued as usual, and i went back home. I turned off the car, and there was that smell again! I drive with the windows down so i wouldn't have noticed a big streak of light brown shit right where she was sitting. It was so gross i almost choked on my breath. It was so smeared in there that it took me an hour and a half to scrub that shit out.
After that i dont think about her the same as i foolishly did.

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