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My Family is Worthless!!!!

589 weeks ago

My family is worthless i have 3 beautiful children and my family thinks they are the plague! when ever they are around they do nothing but critizie them! and by the way the ages are 5,3,2 what in the world have they done in their life to make people dislike them so much? for one the are very well behaved in public i have gotten so many compliments about them. when it was my kids birhday party no one paid any attention to them they were to involved with my fucked up sisters kids just because their mother is an ex drug addict and has had her kids taken from her several times that they feel so bad for her kids. maybe i should fuck up just so my kids can afford the same attention. and it is the same way with the kids fathers family his mother is constantly yelling at them and i am constantly in her face telling her to go fuck off she is not their mother. mabye if sat back and thought how this is affecting their life mabye they would change but oh thats right they are self centered assholes. i am the good child and do right and get no kudo for doing so and my children suffer because they will never get to know their grandparents. but the fuck up of the family kids will have everything they want because of the grandparents! my kids are never allowed to spend the night so i get a break but fuck ups kids get to stay every weekend and through out the week whats wrong with that picture and its not like her kids are different ages one is 3 the most spoiled one out of all of them and another that is 7 who is also spoiled! i am just so sick of all the favortisim it makes me sick!!!

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  posted by papasmurf

589 weeks ago
i think thats messed up, there just kids. I dont think you should fuck up! just because someone else did that will just give them reason to tell your kids why your such a bad parent/person when your kids get older

I'm so sorry
  posted by [Anonymous]

586 weeks ago
I am so sorry this is happening to you and your children. But PLEASE don't mess your life up to get attention from them. If your kids don't have anybody but you and their daddy to love them, and then you go mess up so your family will give you attention, you will be doing more damage to those kids. You are the mommy and I am sure they love their mommy and even if they can't express their gratitude to you right now...they will one day and that will make all this other stuff seem so worthless. If I were you, I wouldn't WANT my kids to be around them. I grew up in a similar situation. I have a cousin whose mom was a single mom and everybody, including my grandparents, gave her so much attention because "She doesn't have a dad and she's got a rough life". Bull. That's fine, my sister and I dealt with it as children, teenagers, and now adults. We still don't compare to her in their eyes, but we know in our hearts that we are better than her...we have more love for others, we appreciate more than she does, we treat people with love and respect...she doesn't. So my point is...people spoiled her and gave her all kinds of unfair attention and it didn't do her a bit of good. She grew up to be a spoiled, self-centered little brat. Your kids may get their feelings hurt every once in awhile...especially when they get older and see how differently they are treated than their cousins. But the bottom line is that they are loved by their parents and they will grow up to love others before themselves and have a whole lot more class than their cousins do. Keep your chin up and keep your cool. Like the other person said, if you blow it, it'll just be another way to put you down.

look at it this way
  posted by dingosateyourbaby

573 weeks ago
For one, you are not the child anymore as you referred to yourself, you are the PARENT an ADULT. So start acting adult about the situation. You keep referring to your junkie sisters kids as "the fuck up kid" They are innocent children who just have FUCK UPS for parents, it is not their fault. Even if they do act like little bastards, it is because they were raised in a fucked up environment and maybe granny and gramps are trying exttra hard with them because they see you are doing such a great job with your own kids. Its fucked up that your family is being ass about your children. They should be given 'special time' with other relatives, but it will be their grandparents own fault when they are sitting in the nursing home and guess what? NO ONE comes to visit. Because your kids won't see the point sdince they weren't loved and he junkies kids will probably be selling dope by then. Don't have anything else to do with them for a while. If they start to ask why you aren't around, explain to them because they treat your children like they are nobody. If they still don't get it, sever all ties and consider yourself lucky to be rid of them. Just remember: the little fucked up kids need all the positive role models theyy can get, so try your best to be there for them, they didn't choose their parents.


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