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"nelliebelle1197" from

163 weeks ago

So there's this delusional psycho cunt on named "nelliebelle1197", who likes to run her mouth about Kelly and Gil Bates and their family. I would say that she's like "formergothardite" and "RosyDaisy", where they have this hatred for this family, and anybody who disagrees with them is a "fundie" or a "leghumper". Oh and she likes to call out people and throw as hissy fit like a spoiled child is anybody downvotes her posts about it ( now has a feature where you can leave a vote agreeing with a posts, or disagreeing with it)..I guess the dumb bitch can dish it out, but can't take it, just as I have always thought about her worthless ass. Hate to tell her, "formergothardite", "RosyDaisy", and the vast majority of, but people are allowed to think however they want to and if they happen to disagree with them, then so be it. It does not make them fundies and leghumpers, or misinformed, and to throw a screaming fit over *gasp* a differing opinion is fucking childish like they are. It's typical's okay for them to act as if fundies (including the Bates family) deserve to burn in some firey pit of death, yet if they get called out on it, then all hell breaks loose. Miss "nelliebelle1197" (much like most of the members of needs to get a fucking grip and realize that not everybody is going share the same damn view. I feel sorry for her spouse and children..they have to deal with this wackjob on a daily basis, and her kids are probably going to end up messed-up because of her. Bitch can go eat shit and die in a fire, period.

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