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Anne, aka "formergothardite" from

163 weeks ago

Anne, aka "formergothardite", is a member of the website who has an irrational hatred of Gil and Kelly Bates and their family. She likes to make nasty comments about them and has made some defamatory comments about Kelly Bates, accusing her of being a child abuser..but has YET to provide any proof of this. Nobody can even make a comment about them without getting jumped on by her, and heaven forbid if you try to disagree with will get called a "fundie" or a "leghumper" by her, and her thing is, is that the Bates family wants people to believe that they're nice people when they really aren't. Now I by no means share the Bates family's views and the last thing I am is a fundie or leghumper, but damn..this woman is incapable of taking any kind of criticism and is nothing more than a calmer version of "RosyDaisy", another member of whose antics have been covered on here as well. My thing is, is that if she hates this family so much, just don't talk about them and quit trying to force your views on people. And if people like them or their show "Bringing Up Bates, then that's THEIR choice, not hers. She claims that she is a former member of the religion/cult that the Duggars and other fundamentalists ("fundies") , and quite frankly she is full of it. She is no more a "former Gothardite" than I am a Martian..and the last I saw in the mirror this morning, I don't have green skin and antennae coming out of the top of my head. Not to mention with the track record that has with their members lying about who they are (one person even claimed to be a former concentration camp guard, and was outed soundly for lying), anything that is said on there should be taken with a grain of salt, including the delusional nutjob known as "formergotherdite". This dumb bitch needs to be pushed off of the proverbial high horse she has been sitting on since day one and I hope that when it happens, she lands face-first in a heaping pile of horseshit.

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  posted by [Anonymous]

95 weeks ago
I agree with them on teh Bates Many think the Bateses are nicer and actually they are way more deceitful than the Duggars. Gil is on the board of directors at ATi named in a law suit and tried to arrange a meeting between an offender and the victim. I agree there is no evidence the DUggars or Bateses physically harm the kids,but their belief and organizations they support have a history of it..I also agree with the behavior of fg and nelliebellie They act like school yard bullies. They got irate at me for allegeldy posting on GOMI about them I tried to post after a long absence and the vultures fg and nellieb swept in. I had nil to do with doxing CUrious. They are in complete denial about their behavior, which is why these other sites talk about them so. They act as erratic as the Fundies they speak of.


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