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Linkedin and the business of false advertising to make money on jobseekers

88 weeks ago

Linkedin is a big piece of shit. Jeff Weiner is just another big asshole using your personal data to violate your privacy and become rich.
But linkeBin are also involved in the most gigantic scam ever.
Most of "job ads' on linkedin are fake. Ads are posted by legitimate companies like, Splunk, avaya, , Oracle, but they correspond to no openings. The people in charge of posting on linkedin are just collecting resumes.
They are just filling their database.
The jobseekers think jobs are real and applies but to no avail, they'll never get any answers. nor will they have any feedback on their applications.
In the mean time, linkedin makes money with premium accounts, making firms pay for ads (most of them fake but it create traffic) and create the (false) impression that everybody must be on linkedin to get a job.

In reality, the HR pricks which are the main users of linkeBin are creating red and black lists and being on linkedin is a guarantee you'll never get the job you want as you are stamped from the beginning.

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True, linkedin is a swindle for idiots  posted by [Anonymous]
88 weeks ago

linkedin sucks  posted by [Anonymous]
88 weeks ago
linkedin is the very place of corporate bullshit and corporate assholes
jeeff weiner is a prick and linkedin sucks  posted by [Anonymous]
88 weeks ago
don't ever take a premium account! It's useless expensive and can't get rid of it
remove your linkedin account is the best way  posted by [Anonymous]
88 weeks ago
social media dictature: it's what linkedin is.
Get out of there if you want a real job
linkedin = assholes  posted by [Anonymous]
88 weeks ago

linkedin is mainly used by corporate assholes and cocksuckers  posted by [Anonymous]
88 weeks ago

linkedin is mainly used by corporate assholes, arselickers, brown noses and scumbags  posted by [Anonymous]
88 weeks ago

linkedin like facebook and others is another surveillance tool  posted by [Anonymous]
88 weeks ago

linkedin monitors you, tracks you and target their fake ads specifically to you. Hope to find job th  posted by [Anonymous]
88 weeks ago

linkedin is made for hr assholes who have nothing to do all day long  posted by [Anonymous]
88 weeks ago
Soon, a list of hr assholes will be displayed here
HR assholes are happy to have linedin so they don't have to do their jobs anymore  posted by [Anonymous]
88 weeks ago
The little part they were still doing anyway.
HR assholes like Joe Browne at Splunk
linkedin, the scam social media for hr assholes and fraudsters  posted by [Anonymous]
88 weeks ago
other big assholes:

linkedin sucks look at the titles their employees give to themselves!  posted by [Anonymous]
88 weeks ago
linkedin is for idiots who think they have a life (virtual one)  posted by [Anonymous]
88 weeks ago

Linkedin that bad?  posted by [Anonymous]
87 weeks ago
Do you have proof of these false postings? Did you sent this message to the people from Linkedin you listed here?
To the guy who asks for porrfs that linkedin is a big fake job posting website  posted by [Anonymous]
86 weeks ago
Yes, we have proofs and yes, we also have names.
But we will keep the names private for obvious reasons.

Now, on linkedin, the same jobs get posted over and over for weeks, for months and often posted by the same assholes who think nobody knows what they do.

And they ask for proofs...
linkedin and false advertising  posted by [Anonymous]
86 weeks ago
It's easy to find out. I personally contacted many "recruiters" (hr clerks) who post regularly jobs on linkebin.
They all have the same kind of excuses: "the job is not out yet" It's a publishing mistake", "position has been fulfilled, but next time I'll think about you (sic)"...

There is no shortage of bullshit, lies and excuses in the hr sector, that's for sure.

These people are so full of shit...

linkedin fake job business  posted by [Anonymous]
86 weeks ago
Anybody can post anything as long as you pay and have the right type of subscription.
No wonder Linkedin has become a posting discharge.

A paradise for the ever increasing numbers of incompetent hr personal and fraudsters.


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