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"RosyDaisy" from OFF!

190 weeks ago

"RosyDaisy" from the website is a psycho cunt bitch who needs to get her ass kicked. Bitch we all get hate fundies. WE. GET. IT. I don't particularly care for them myself. Having said that, there is a world of difference between disliking someone, and acting like a mental patient that escaped from the loony bin like you do on a regular basis. Not to mention the fact that on numerous occasions that you have hoped for bad things to happen to fundies and taken great pleasure when it actually does happen..bitch you are fucking PSYCHOTIC, not "snarky" or "honest". Like I said, I don't like fundies either, but I would not take pleasure in one's pain or wish bad things upon them like you do. You are just as bad if not worse than the fundies you hate so much..I bet if you saw one out in public, you would start screaming and ranting at them like the mentally unstable cunt bitch that you are. And screaming "leghumper" at people who disagree with you..grow the fuck up and take your fucking meds. I feel so sorry for your fiance for wanting to spend the rest of his life with your worthless ass. At least do us all the favor of not reproducing and giving the world more oxygen thieves like you. Oh and one more thing..nobody gives a rat's ass if you're from Alabama or not (this dumb broad has to always throw in that she's from Alabama, like anybody cares). So "RosyDaisy", this dump is just for you, and considering that you chose to act like a jackass online, you brought any and all criticism upon yourself so the only one to blame is YOU.

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