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Nikki Wells, aka nlee86, CenaRKO1986, & Centon86 is a PLAGIARIST!

209 weeks ago

Let me inform everyone about Nikki Wells, who lives in Popanyinning, Western Australia. This fugly bitch with the bloated-looking pumpkin head and the duckface posts wrestling fan fiction on under the name "Centon86", but what she DOESN'T tell you is that her previous account "CenaRKO1986" was banned. Why? Because Nikki, aka "Centon86", aka "CenaRKO1986" plagiarized her fics. She would copy things from multiple websites and paste it into her fics, and try to pass it off as something that she wrote because she is too horrible of a writer to come up with anything on her on that required her own creativity. She was banned from the website after given more than one chance to dig herself out of the hole that she put herself in, and when it was obvious that she was putting little to no effort to take care of this issues, she was banned. She then made a new account (her current one, the "Centon86" one), and is trying to sneak under the radar and repost her plagiairzed fic. She refuses to taken any responsibility for her actions and is trying to play it off as if she were banned for no reason. Nope, you were banned for being a plagiarizing bitch, pumpkin-head. What's sad is that she has her reviewers so snowed, including her former writing's pathetic how they don't seem to care that she's a plagiarist or they make excuses for it. I would love to see how they'd react whenever she decides to plagiarize something of theirs. She is a horrible writer with no sense of punctuation, grammar, etc. and she is so uncreative and stupid, every single original character that she has in her fics is named "Nikki". She really needs to just give it up..she's making an ass out herself. Her Twitter account is: and her Facebook account is: Nikki, your writing is shit, so this dump is for you!

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