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Elizabeth Gorman (aka Elizabeth Moxley) The Psychotic Porn Star & Prostitute Wannabe

214 weeks ago

Elizabeth Gorman, aka "Elizabeth Moxley", aka "AliLucas", aka "AliLucas1984", aka "darlingambrose", aka "cmpunk84", aka "princesselizabethofnj", aka "torimoxley27" is a thirty-year-old fat, ugly, psychotic cunt. Reason why is because she likes to go on social media and harass, stalk, and threaten random individuals, some of whom she knows personally, some of whom she doesn't. She tells people that she hopes that "bad things" happen to them, wishes death and harm upon them, tells people to kill themselves, tells them that they're going to burn in hell (although she is an athiest, and athiest do not believe in heaven or hell), and even goes as far as to threaten their children and family members, including minors. She does this because they disagree with her, or they do not share similar views as her. She justifies this behavior as calling them out, yet has an Internet meltdown if she is called out on her actions. She is OBSESSED with WWE wrestler Dean Ambrose (hence the "darlingambrose" and "Elizabeth Moxley" screen names), and has a podcast about NASCAR, which she is obsessed with as well. Mention her name to wrestling fans, and the words "psycho fangirl" and "troll" is how she is described in response. That's how infamous she is online. She claims to be either bisexual or lesbian, and an athiest, liberal, and straight-edge, and quite frankly she makes any person who fits those descriptions look pretty bad based on her behavior. She works at an A&P grocery store in Brick, NJ (where she also lives) and her goal in life is to be a porn star and/or a "sugar baby" (she might as well say a prostitute instead of a "sugar baby"), and she posts some very disgusting photos of herself in sheer lingerie, topless, in g-strings, and naked online and on random Twitter adult entertainment company accounts. NOBODY in the adult industry is going to give that fat hag with her loopy tits, big ass and gut a job. In fact, most people tell her that she is nasty looking, which makes her go batshit crazy on them over content that she posted publically online. If she cannot handle a differing opinion other than hers, then she needs to take her nasty self and her psychotic behavior and go the fuck away for good. She even posts photos of self-harm that she has done to herself and blames random people for her actions, and on her tumblr page she even claimed that she faked her death to get someone to leave her alone. Sad thing is, is that this waste of sperm and egg is a thirty year old woman --AN ADULT -- doing all of this crap. She is a pathetic ecuse of a human being and on one hand, I feel sorry for her parents and famiy members, but at the same time they are probably enabling her stupid ass. She can be found on Pinterest (, Facebook (, Twitter ( and, Instagram (, Tumblr (, eBay ( and countless other websites under the names "elizabethmoxley", "darlingambrose", and "alilucas1984". She really needs to be locked in a padded room in a mental hospital for the rest of her days or be slapped with a restraining order, unless she gets her ass kicked for pissing off the wrong person first. So Elizabeth, this crap is all yours and since you like to tell people to kill first. On behalf of the entire Internet, we insist because the world is sick to death of your never-ending parade of psychotic bullshit.

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