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Ivonne Encarnacion Santos =PSYCHO!

223 weeks ago

This nutjob used to run the I Hate Rebecca Reyes page on Facebook, because she can't get over the fact that Matt Hardy married Reby Sky and not her. She would threaten, harass, and wish death, harm, and AIDS on Reby Sky through her page and on social media in general, all in her idea of "English". Yet when somebody calls her out on her behavior, she boo-hoos and plays the victim, and pitches a hissy fit over it. And get this..the gal is married! Hate to be her husband and wake up to this psycho each day..hope he's cheating on her and they don't reproduce. The world does not need another Ivonne. She is obsessed with Matt Hardy, food (specifically chocolate), and the color purple. Her Instagram is, her Facebook is , her Tumblr page was, and her Youtube page is She is also obsessed with farts and poop (she even said that Reby Sky "pulled farts" and had "food-shaped poop"). So in this case Ivonne..this "crap" is for you, and I hope you choke on it!

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