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Dirtbag Lier and a Cheat RunAway

261 weeks ago

I met this loser on Facebook and we had a relationship. He seemed really great and as soon as his divorce was final he was coming to see me. But come to find out he wasn't divorced wasn't even close to it. He was still very married but he was screwing around with 3 different girls and his wife. She found out and he abandoned her when she was sick. He's a real asshole. Now he's playing house with this crack ho Jesseaka Duehring. He acted like he was hot shit made all this money come to find out his wife made all the money and he is unemployed and homeless.and the hooker he is lovin on she's got a boyfriend too. Just goes to show you they will stoop to new lows. Jesseaka was sending Jason's wife threatening email from a fake account and gloating to her about how she was fuckin her old man. Thats just cruel but you know Jesseaka don't know it but Jason is banding 2 other girls besides her in his home town of Louisville.Come to find out he's just waiting for his wife to move home so he can join her. LOL who's got the last laugh

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  posted by [Anonymous]

150 weeks ago

He needs to be fucked in the ass...


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