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Jennifer Heitzenrater

262 weeks ago

You've been dumped you FAT ASS and don't ever call my gf Fat. Just because we had a one time fling-get real no one is ever going stand you. You need to come to grips and I don't mean those wrinkled hips or face that you got. Tell your son macario the truth about how much your ex tried to be part of his life and all you did was put a restraining order on him. Your one of the nasties bitch I have ever met I wish we never did. But I was drunk that's still not an excess for all the shit and lies that you admitted. Your disgusting I don't know how you manage to look at yourself in the mirror and not want KILL yourself! It would be start befoe you even think about how fresh your shit stinks before you decide to lie to everyone around you.Oh by the way Richard ask me to tell to go fuck yourself with your dildo unless you lost up your ass and cant find it.

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