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Her behind closed doors

178 weeks ago

Kayla Love likes to run around acting like she's got her shit together. She talks to all these other people about following God and shit like that and how he can take away their pain but she is such a fucking hypocrite. She's nothing but a skank that cuts herself and messes around with a ballerina boyfriend who messes around with her "best friend" on the side, only to ditch him for her ex in the same breath to go back with the fag. Major slut alert!

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ha  posted by [Anonymous]
178 weeks ago
Or should I say behind closed car doors.
hi:)  posted by reallycyberbullyingsforpussies
178 weeks ago
Hello internet user who seems to be to scared to say these things to the face of the person of whom which it concerns I would loooove to let you know that the penalties for cyberbullying in ohio and in most states (which incase your too dim witted to figure out is what your doing) consists of fines of a minimum of 500 to 1000 dollars and or 6 or more months of jail time and also to let you know that if a report is filed on this which I can tell you there will be even though it says your "anonymous" you can still be found because nothing is "anonymous" on the internet so just think about that:) thank you for your time even though obviously you have to much of it on your hands
Pussies=ppl who let their friends fight their battles  posted by [Anonymous]
177 weeks ago
Yeah well they hardly actually prosecute in cyber cases. The easy way around the "tracking" is using public computers you don't have to log into. Like the library. Can't blame me for speaking the truth
just stop  posted by reallycyberbullyingsforpussies
177 weeks ago
Well lets see you can only be a select few people that know about it and on top of that only one or two people would actually think to do this so who needs "tracking" especially when you can identify the way people talk
you are immature  posted by reallycyberbullyingsforpussies
177 weeks ago
And they do prosecute a lot more than they used to because the growing use of technology many companies have started taking it very seriously and did you know that this will stick with her her entire life that employers will find but you dont care do you na why would you youll be ok hiding behind a user name or an anonymous label thinking this is funny not allowing someone to learn from their own mistakes instead you think they should be out there for all to see when its none of your buisness what kind of person are you? Have you ever really thought about that? Grow up and dont get offended really, cant blame me for telling the truth
NOT ANONYMOUS??????  posted by [Anonymous]
176 weeks ago
We have defended several law suits from people trying to get names from us and we have never lost. One of our suits was from Microsoft, which we won. It is impossible to track poster/writer on this site.


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