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A complete twat

297 weeks ago

He's incapable of showing love or affection or romantic attention. This guy will do nothing more than whine, bitch and complain if he doesn't get his way. The last time we had sex, he might have had rubbed my back for 15 minuets, but after the half assed back rub he whipped out his dick, because, apparently, rubbing my back like he was petting a dog is his way of "being romantic". He says he is a good kisser, but he hasn't given me a real kiss in over 7 months.

I'm giving him a week to prove to me that he still wants me in his life, and if he doesn't show me any signs of him changing, I'm gonna be done with him... Like, pack the fuck up and move the fuck out kinda done.

If I catch him posting up on craigslist after I leave him, I'll be more than happy to post the link here AND I'll post a pic of his face.

The jole is gonna end up being on him, because I intend on leaving his looser ass for a woman.

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A guy is not a twat, hes a dick!
  posted by [Anonymous]

297 weeks ago
If he's such an asshole, why are you with him for 7 months and doing nothing but bitching. Sounds like you're the twat!


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