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David LoCurto, NYPD Detective, 68 Woodlot Road, Ridge, NY

310 weeks ago

David and I dated from October 11, 2007 for almost five (5) years, until October 9, 2012 when he was caught cheating (we were apart from June 2008 to mid-September 2008). David always told me he was faithful to me, that he would never cheat on me and I believed him.

While we dated, when David and I talked about cheaters he would refer to them as “scumbags”. I wonder what name he should be called for being intimate with me, while he was dating, engaged and married to “R”.
David was intimate with his wife (girlfriend until March 2012) and I for years without letting us know that he was seeing both of us.

David would lie to “R” and say he was working, when he was me. He would lie to me and say he was working, when he was with her. David continued to be intimate with me while he was engaged, and after he was married. Even a few weeks after he was married he was intimate with me. Specifically, the first week of April 2012, David came to visit me and said he was coming from headquarters because; he had to change his health plan. On that day we were intimate. What type of guy would continue to sleep with another woman, while being married and deny being married?

On October 3, 2012, someone told me that David got married in March 2012. I asked him and he denied it. Since I could not get any information from David, on October 9, 2012, I went to his wife, “R” and it was confirmed that he was married. He lived a double for so long, yet he is upset that I went to his wife to find out the truth. I went to find out the truth because, he would not admit to being married or being with anyone else. He is the one who victimized us, by lying and cheating.

David, a NYPD Detective, definitely fits the stereotype that police officers are cheaters. Beware of cheaters like this, especially if your husband or boyfriend work varied hours.
David is self righteous and makes people think he is a moral person. So people should know his true character. He will say that I am crazy for exposing his cheating. What is crazy is the lengths that he went to in order to cheat and his years of lying to me and his wife.

This guy is a charmer and will tell you he is only attracted to blacks, Hispanics, Indians and other exotic women, but that is a lie, because, his wife is Jewish.

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  posted by [Anonymous]

272 weeks ago
Dave gives NYPD a bad name. I worked with him and know that he used to go to see women when he was on the job. I didn't report him because I am a detective too.

He always seem to get good professional, classy women. I never understood what women saw in him.


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