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Crook, cheat and women beware of this lamb in disguise

350 weeks ago

This guy whose pic is up here --looks way worse in real.. he looks more like a rotten orange. This is way old or done up..

I live in the United States and this sewage junk also used to live in North Carolina. He is around 50 years old and he is no less than a criminal and acts like he is naive and dull..but beware he gets talking to girls and keeps them engaged for full week or so and then you believe he is a "genuinely nice person" but he is a sly, creepy wolf acting like a lame lamb.

He gets close and begins to find out your bank accounts and how much money and then gets to the next stage of sobbing and crying (my business is'nt doing well, my daughter has torn clothes) just to get your money and belongings. He is an alcoholic and screws around like a whore. He is on a hunt to get married - which means - get close, act like a dumb and dull lamb, gets you in bed as quickly and then get claustrophobic, steals money, belongings. After which he can cry like a lamb too. He has done this to my dear relative and friend and women before that. Presently he is on hunt and has registered himself online (name :Mathew George) to find girls. He has children and wont do anything to support them. He uses matrimonial sites to look to con women. Beware !!! of this stinky, rotten and worse off than sewage man whore !!! Stay a mile away !

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