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261 weeks ago

Beats women, rapes women, illegitimate kids everywhere, has 3 STDs and knowingly spreads them, will not wear condoms, steals money, jewelry and electronics from women. Deals drugs but always BROKE! Been to jail a lot for minor stuff but never gets in trouble for the assultS, rapes, thefts, or drug deals he commits! Is nearly 30 years old but fucks girls who are 16-19 years old! Straight up PEDOPHILE! DANGEROUS TO ANY AND ALL WOMEN!!!

His number is 714-659-3358. RUN AWAY FROM THIS GUY LADIES! RUN FAR, RUN FAST!

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he beat me and raped me too  posted by [Anonymous]
260 weeks ago
Marcello Del Toro is a danger to all women
this guy belongs in a grave- jail would be too easy for him  posted by [Anonymous]
260 weeks ago

he tried to strangle me, he almost killed me  posted by [Anonymous]
260 weeks ago

he beat me all the time-  posted by [Anonymous]
260 weeks ago
cops never did anything
enough said  posted by [Anonymous]
260 weeks ago

stay away girls or this will be you  posted by [Anonymous]
260 weeks ago

every day had new ones  posted by [Anonymous]
260 weeks ago

3 days after he punched me in the face  posted by [Anonymous]
260 weeks ago

he beat me too girls  posted by [Anonymous]
260 weeks ago
there are 9 of us now that we know of, we should start a support group just for his victims. Im glad I have you all to talk to though and know that he didnt just do it to me but to every girl he has ever dated.
im a victim of his too  posted by [Anonymous]
260 weeks ago
he used to like to punch me so hard i would fall on the floor then he would kick and/or stomp me
bullsh*t  posted by [Anonymous]
260 weeks ago
Stop making all this up just because you were to obssessed over him. He didnt need to steal he has a job and is a wonderful father to his daughter. OBVIOUSLY the cops didnt do anything for the rape and theft because he doesnt need to rape girls. Ladies throw thereselves at him... Stop trying to get his daughter taken away and get a life. You could of left in the begining if things were so bad... Pathetic

Del Toro Family is TRASH  posted by [Anonymous]
259 weeks ago
This guy is going to jail. The cases are pending DFCS have opened a file on all FOUR of his children. Which daughter is he a wonderful father to? Renee, Marissa or Marisol? and what about his 9 year old son Cameron? He hasn't seen him since he was a month old. That's why he is in trouble for $30,000.00 of back child support and has not had a drivers license in over 2 1/2 years. And yeah , I guess being a Fulltime drug dealer could be considered a job. Especially to a trashy family like that who all think women beating, rape, pedophilia and robbing young women is perfectly normal.
Pedophile Accusation  posted by [Anonymous]
171 weeks ago
I do not dispute anything you women or saying but would like to point out the legal definition of a pedophile. In most states, 16 is the age of consent and is not a crime much less pedophilia. 16 year olds are out there spreading it around like icing on a cake. You have enough stuff on this guy without making a false accusation. Stick to facts


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