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The DumpOn editors must be illiterate

391 weeks ago

That or they're implying you're not really anonymous. Otherwise "all totally 'anonymous'" shouldn't have quotation marks.

But hey, there's also "for you're protection", which is read as "for you are protection", and "guaranty", which is just fucking wrong.

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  posted by [Anonymous]

390 weeks ago
That error has been up there for years. Thanks for catching it. However, we don't get the "anonymous" comment.

  posted by [Anonymous]

390 weeks ago
Quotation marks have two main purposes. One is to indicate an actual quotation, e.g. "The company's slogan is 'Where people & secrets get exposed!'"

Another is to indicate a title. "The website I saw was ''"

Third is to indicate irony, or that something isn't being used in a normal way, as a sort of sarcasm tag. "Sarah Palin 'refudiated' the claims. She's a very 'intelligent' woman."

By putting anonymous in quotation marks it's indicating sarcasm or irony, suggesting that for a small fee your information will be revealed.

  posted by [Anonymous]

390 weeks ago
The quotes around anonymous are there just so it will stand out. There is no amound of money that would get us to give up a name. We've spent hundreds of thousands protecting peoples anonymity, including suing the US Congress and the US Attorney General. Nobody need to worry about us turning a name over unless they're a pedophile or they threaten someones life.

  posted by [Anonymous]

390 weeks ago
we can't all be book worms and gramatically correct all the time. give them a damn break.


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