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Dump On of the Year Award

396 weeks ago

After the Dallas Mavericks defeated the Miami Heat to win the NBA Championship, the Dump On of the year award goes to none other then the over hyped and overrated LeBron James.

James, who last summer conspired with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh to sign with the Heat amid all of the hoopla, ESPN’s “The Decision” and their promise to win five, six even seven championships together, failed miserably at their first attempt, losing to the Mavericks four games to two.

James, who has ludicrously, nonsensically, outrageously and preposterously been compared to all-time great Michael Jordan, doesn’t even come close to the level of His Airness.

After all, Jordan has six championship rings and was the main man for the Chicago Bulls in the playoffs, taking over games in the fourth quarter when the game was on the line, where as James, who is 2-8 in NBA Finals games, was practically non-existent throughout the Finals in the fourth quarter. James started strong and faltered at the finish. Classic!

The old dollar joke is sweeping the country. Q: What is the difference between a dollar bill and LeBron James? A: You are guaranteed four good quarters from a dollar bill.

Oh and how many rings does LeBron have? None, zero, nada, zilch, zippo, a big goose egg.

And after the loss, James had the gall to ask why so many NBA fans were rooting against him and then in the same breath to lambast those same fans by saying that they will wake up and have the same life they had the day before with the same personal problems but that he will continue to do the things he wants and basically live the life of a millionaire and be happy with that.

And he wonders why the fans don’t like him! Wake up LeBron, the world doesn’t revolve around you.

With “The Decision” last summer, LeBron dumped on all of the fans in Cleveland, promised multiple championships in Miami, practically holding up his middle finger to Cavaliers fans and the state of Ohio, where he grew up, played basketball, and was revered for many years.

Now the state of Ohio is laughing, and laughing hard, along with the rest of the country, besides Miami, whose tears should keep the cities water supply in check for years to come.

After defeating the 76ers, the Celtics and the Bulls in the playoffs, to the dismay of many an NBA fan, LeBron and the Heat were on the cusp of a championship and the fan base for the Mavericks suddenly grew immensely throughout the United States.

Joy to the World, LeBron choked again and the big three of James, Wade, and Bosh have their tails between their legs with all summer to dwell on it.

NBA Fans are rejoicing and all dumping on LeBron James, the no doubt winner of the Dump-On of the year award.

Don’t you just love it when justice prevails?

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  posted by [Anonymous]

396 weeks ago
I couldn't agree more!!!!!

  posted by [Anonymous]

396 weeks ago
James is a fantasic baskedball player, but he has no class and even thought he'll win a few titles, he'll never be a true star. He's certainly not a team player and with him it's all about LaBron.


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