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396 weeks ago

Everyone Iím copying on this post knows Judy, Mr. Mackeyís niece that works upstairs in HR. Unfortunately she has access to all of our records, public and private, and she uses the information to her advantage. This is a big company and thereís some infidelity going on as would probably be with any large group of guys and girls. Iím sure we all know a few workers that are married, but seeing other workers on the side. Half the time itís just everyone out drinking, having a little too much, and hooking up for a one night stand. I canít give names, but I know for a fact that Judy found out that one of our sales guys ended up in a motel with one of the secretaries after the company meeting last month. Judy went to the guy with all his records about his wife and family and told him he had to take care of her or sheíd turn him in to her uncle and to his wife. The guy gave her some money to shut her mouth, but he was smart enough to give her a check, which the greedy bitch took, so if she tries to get him again he can prove she extorted money from him.

Iím sending this post to everyone I know that is in the friendly group, as a warning against Judy. And Iím also copying Judy. You-know-who now has a cancelled check with your signature on it. If you try to do it again, youíre going to get turned in, not to your uncle, but to the authorities. Extortion is a criminal offence and you can go to jail for it.

Iím sure Mr. Mackey is going to find out about this and ask a lot of questions, and I suggest everyone just keep quiet and it will pass. Otherwise, there could be some marriages and families destroyed because of this, which nobody wants to see happen. With any luck, heíll fire Judy and weíll be completely rid of the problem.

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  posted by [Anonymous]

396 weeks ago
That's a lie and whoever wrote this will be looking for a new job by Monday. I'm going to write to the owner of this site and demand they tell me who you are. Even if I have to pay them, I'll find out.


  posted by [Anonymous]

396 weeks ago
The only one that will be looking for a new job is you, Bitch. Even if your uncle does own the company, your ass is gone.


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