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Pedophile Pastor

401 weeks ago

Ken Mitchem borrows money and wont pay it back. I dated him and he makes alot of money but always borrowing from women. He spends days at the casino then gets up and preaches righteousness. How would he know? Who wants a pastor like that with judgments everywhere? Philadelphia PA, Neptune NJ and Newark NJ. Do a google search and find out how many people have reported him for molesting children, stealing money and deceiving women. Watch out! Big, big brown wide eyes with a little pencil dick. Call Kenny boy today

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This is Rev. Mitchem in charge of Aids organization called PFERIC
  posted by [Anonymous]

401 weeks ago

Check him out at or call (732) 988-6883 for more information

  posted by [Anonymous]

397 weeks ago
this is crazy! 's


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