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Watch Shakira Gets What She Deserves!

404 weeks ago

Watch Shakira Gets What She Deserves!

So Shakira is outspoken on SB1070, the Arizona law that would allow law enforcement to question immigration status during an official law enforcement encounter, not just stopping anyone on the street like EVERYONE thinks, these idiots need to learn how to read. But how do the Mexican people repay Shakira for her outspokenness, they steal her jewelry right off her fingers! Hey Shakira, this is what happens EVERYDAY to the identification of Americans stolen by ILLEGAL immigrants. How does it feel? What an asshole.

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Stupid racist bastard!!!
  posted by [Anonymous]

396 weeks ago
Lol seriously get a life. White people steal as well, there is no perfect race besides we are all the same human beings, and I am white. You are just an ignorant, we weren't the 1st people in this country if you really research your history.


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