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Lets just talk about it

414 weeks ago

This guy is something else he has been telling lies for so long now he doesnt even know the truth anymore. I had begun seeing this guy and he claimed that I was his girl. Then I find out that he is in fact dating like 5 other girls. When I confronted him he again stated that he was not seeing anyone. What a bunch of bull. I had him checked out and yes sure enough he has been dating several girls all at the same time. Well it is time he gets his and here it is. I am sending this email to all of the other girls that he is dating and giving them the opportunity to tell their story right here while remaining nameless. I think it is sad that we have been treated so badly by this guy and he simply does not care. He has contacted me while in town and said bring your overnight bag I am keeping you for a few days only to find out that he was with another girl the night before. What is wrong people? The best part is that this guy has girls in several cities and uses each one when he is there and if you are not available then he just goes on to the next. Well let me tell you it is time he gets what he gives and gets called out. When I confronted him about contacting the others he said and I quote go ahead they are dumb like you and they will still come back. What??? If I was dumb I wouldnt be calling you out. So I dont want to name any names but I believe bad behavior does not deserve to go unnoticed. So her it ladies your chance to either confirm that he is what I believe he is or just continue to live the lie. Maybe that is what you want and if that is the case I wish you well. I know I deserve better than this guy and I as much as I want to forget about the entire ordeal I am mad as hell. I trusted this guy only to find out that he lied the entire time. I have been told that he has been seeing one girl for years and well dear i am sorry to say this guy has been lying to you the entire time. There are so many there is no way to keep track of all of them. Well Eric this is your day, to get dumped. I simply do not have time for a guy who has no respect for women or himself I pitty you.
Ladies if you have been fed the lines as well then I say lets keep other ladies from the same fate and call this guy out. Feel free to leave your comments as well.

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Guy is a total player
  posted by [Anonymous]

414 weeks ago
I went out with this guy in Scottsdale and he was a total player. I actually had a girlfriend that he took out as well. He is something else my friend and i actually laughed our asses of when we found out it was the same guy. He will sleep with anybody. He moves around a lot so you never see him much.

Me too
  posted by [Anonymous]

414 weeks ago
I currently date Eric and until now I thought what a great guy he was. After reading this I am just beside myself. I have been trying to reach him to ask him about this but just get his voicemail and no return calls. That tells me there must be some truth to this. I dont know that he has read this. I am disgusted to say the least. He can have his random hookups however, I wont be one of them. At 29 I have options I dont need to hang on to this.

Just get over it
  posted by [Anonymous]

413 weeks ago
I hookup up with Shu and he is a cool guy we have a loving relationship. He takes me to nice places and we have a good time. We are planning a trip to vegas and will have a great time. I know he loves me and one day we will be together until then I will wait.


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