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Tabitha Smith from Macon, GA

439 weeks ago

Tabitha.. stop txting me and stalking me. I want nothing to do with you.. I don't even want to be on your Facebook or Myspace. I work with you and that's it. I don't want to be with you.. stop sending me pictures because I'm not attracted to anybody with a big belly like yours. If you lost 30 or 40 pounds I might find you hot, and the only reason I told you that you were hot was to make you feel better about yourself. Fuck off and leave me alone.

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Seriously? A Big Belly is what turned you off?
  posted by [Anonymous]

437 weeks ago
The fact that she's a slob with a messy room or posing like a slut didn't go into your decision making, but the fact that she has a tiny belly roll did?

I'd say you both have some work to do...


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