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595 weeks ago

Michael Vick, one of my favorite quarterbacks to watch the past few seasons, has turned out to be the biggest piece of sh#t this web site will ever talk about. Hero and roll model to so many people, particularly the younger set, this scum sucking reject has admitted to torturing, electrocuting and drowning dogs for absolutely no reason other than they weren't capable of fighting other dogs to their death.

And our inept, pathetic legal system is allowing this lowlife to plea bargain and only receive a year, possibly less, in jail. (Rob a couple of stores or banks and you get 10 years.) If it were up to me I'd soak him in bacon fat and put him in a cell with a pack of pit bulls that hadn't eaten for a week. But I'm just a jackass, so what do I know?

Michael Vick should locked up for life but he'll be a free man in a year or so. Anyone that insists that he personally kill a dog or any other animal just for the sport, has a total mental disorder and doesn't belong in any society. Imagine if he ever got upset with his kids for losing a fight at school? What would he do, drown them?

What about the NFL and Vicks future? Word is that he could actually be playing again in three or four years. I think the entire world of sports fans and anyone with a heart and a brain should write to the NFL telling them if Vick ever gets back into a football uniform we'd all stop watching the entire sport.

I urge you to go to and to the "Contact Us" link. Let them know your feelings about this, and if you agree with me, tell them never to let Vick play football again.

Comments are welcome.

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Hockey? Uggggg
  posted by [Anonymous]

593 weeks ago
If Michael Vick was ever allowed to come back to the NFL it would be a sign to our children that no matter what you do you can eventually get away with it and still make millions. OJ is an example of that. If Vick got back into the NFL, I'd switch to Hockey and Basketball, which I can't stand watching.

A dedicated Broncos fan


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