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DUMPS (Confessional)

A home wrecker from Ocala 592 weeks ago

This 20 year old bitch broke up an 8 year relationship by seeing my husband behind my back while I was at work, talking sex to him online, sending nude pictures to his bigcockdamon29 email address, and encouraging him to leave me. He won't work but we we... Read More »

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Lisa Wolf (aka:Lisa Spotts, the whore) 592 weeks ago

Yeah,I know the saying it takes two to tangle, well, if you ask me it only takes a man that cannot think with his heart or head, well, not the right head.!
This is about the convincing, manipulating whore that tore my life apart. And the love of my life... Read More »

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Here's what my husband did to me 593 weeks ago

I met this man onlne 8 years ago. He was not mature and I should have known better but I kept talking to him. He kept telling me how bad he wanted to meet me, sent me tons of cards, letters, gifts, etc. but to make a long story short, his mother did not l... Read More »

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It's just a rash... 594 weeks ago

Hey Guys better watch out for weird rashes. I recently broke up with this woman I've been dating because she had a rash. She was smart, funny, great in bed.. Until one day she had a yeast infection with some weird rash associated with it, so she went to t... Read More »

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A CHEAT AND A LIAR 595 weeks ago

Watch out GIRLS, I AM A habitual LIAR LIAR LIAR and a habitual CHEATER and will never tell the truth about myself. Stay as far away as possible from me. I will never be true to you. Ican not be trusted to tell the truth about who I am. You can never tr... Read More »

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Your Package Needs Growth 595 weeks ago

Sorry I have to do this, but I have a confession…
Ever since our affair started it has been very arousing and fun but I just need more (in inches). I am the only one to blame, considering I was the first one to make a move. I just assumed or had this g... Read More »

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